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January 7, 2023
NOTE: Updates to the online database are only made as I have the time to make them.  This could be several months. For the most current data, please contact me directly.
Monday, March 12, 2018
Genealogy is fun! BUT, sometimes it may be very frustrating!  After all, my goal is to help… not hinder, hurt, or otherwise offend anybody.

To maintain privacy, I have opted to use TNG, the Next Generation which uses PHP and MySQL for display.

Read more about TNG under "OnlineSoftware/ Database" below.

I uploaded the first GEDCOM file to this site in June of 1999 with just over 1,700 individuals. Today, our family continues to grow, with YOUR HELP.

Much of the first five (5) generations in the database were compiled from with "La descendance d'Antoine Pépin dit Lachance et de Marie Teste" an enormous undertaking published by Louis Lachance.

NOTE: I have found numerous errors in these volumes. I continue to make corrections in the database as I go.
Monday, March 12, 2018
Our family association, "L'association des familles Pépin, Lachance et Laforce"  appears to have been dissolved for reasons unknown to me as I was never "actively" involved in the association.

I purchased, and retain in my personal library at home, the works of Louis Lachance "
La descendance..." previously mentioned. Sadly, Louis Lachance passed away on 21 Mar 2016 at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Québec.
Monday, March 12, 2018
AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE - persons still living are displayed as "living" for privacy purposes.

Other Sources:  Aside from the 1st five generations of Pépin and Lachance listed herein, (some, but not all, mistakes having been corrected) other information has come from a variety of sources including others who have made their information available for use on this site.

If you find errors, please please.... tell me!
Link to TNG - The Next Generation of Site Building
To display the family tree online I use:  TNG - The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building", written by Darrin Lythgoe.

TNG is a fully functioning family tree application that can house your family trees, branches, ancestors, their families, cemeteries, and stories.  Even more, it can handle your sources, references, and repositories.

Check out Darrin’s "TNG" site and find out how to manage and display your family tree, online. Click HERE  or on the image above.
This IS the best there is!
Link To Legacy Family Tree - Genealogy Software
For day-to-day research and data, I use:

Legacy Family Tree", now owned by MyHeritage, et al.

I have been working with genealogy software on my desktop PC since 1996. I started with Borderbund Family Tree Maker, version 2.0 who later sold to Ancestry!

Now owned by "MyHeritage", you may Click HERE  or on the image above for more information.
I continue to recommend this software.
GEDCOM Requests - and the reason I don't
When someone requests a GEDCOM, I understand where they are coming from BUT, I ask for your understanding.  It's taken thousands of hours and lots of my own money to put this all together. This website (including all of my own errors and mistakes) is a result of my own doing (with the help of others, of course).

I am very thankful for, information I've received from others by e-mail, regular mail, telephone conversations or otherwise, and I've always entered the data manually.

My file contains thousands of individuals, (see how many at the top of this page) many of whom are still living; I do NOT want anything to slip through the cracks.  At the risk of being redundant, I try my best to respect the privacy of others!

With this, please do not ask me for a GEDCOM file. The information is here for you to copy (for your personal use) if you wish to do so. If you want help or if you want more information e-mail me directly and I will be more than happy to help any way I can.
Source Citations Examples
Many records in this database ARE NOT properly sourced.  In fact, many records in the database are not sourced at all simply because that's the way I started.  It was a big mistake to do this as 30+ years later, I am still correcting mistakes of the past.

I am a believer in providing sources but much of my work was done before I realized HOW important citing the source was.  In many cases, a source is not cited BUT there may be, in fact, a source such as an obituary which I have, but it is NOT included in the online database. 

Please be wary of dates and places where a source is NOT cited as they may be wrong.  It is always best, if you don't already have a source, to try to find some sort of documentation to confirm the fact.
IF you have a source for something I don't, please help me by sending it to me or otherwise letting me know.
IT IS POSSIBLE to help GROW this site by adding YOUR Lachance, Bussell and allied family lines "almost" automatically.

As a casual user, when viewing an individual, you may click on the "Suggest" tab in the menu at the top of the individual page to Suggest a Change.  Here you may send me corrections, additions, changes, comments, etc.
As a registered user you have access to the “Add Your Family” worksheet that can be completed and submitted online.  When viewing an individual, look for the “Add Your Family” tab in the list at the top and click on it.  The person you were viewing will be pre-populated in the form and you can work directly from there.
Also, as a registered user, you also have access to a “Simple Family Worksheet” that you can complete at your leisure.  Open the PDF form by clicking on the “More” tab of the menu, then click on “Plain Group Sheet”. Download the PDF to your computer and save it as any name you want.  Now you can complete the form, SAVE it with a different name, for instance, “Individual36952_John_Smith”, then open your email and send it to me.   
All suggestions and changes are first reviewed by me then entered into my database.  At the next online update, those changes will be permanent (unless changed again for some reason) and available from the database online.
My only request is that you please attempt to cite a source, even if it's just your own personal knowledge.
You must provide a direct connection to the person ID (i#####) of your grandparent, great-grandparent, great-great-grandparent, or other relative who is in the database.

A User ID is required to view information on living relatives, download PDF, and other interactive modes, and will only be approved if you provide information that documents your relationship to a person already in our family tree. Relationships from before 1800 are too far removed for me to grant access to living people.

On the request form please enter the Person ID of a person to whom you are related and
how you are related to that person.  If you want access to living individuals, you must
indicate your relationship and lineage to that person
Jean-Baptiste Beaudry (i644) > Joseph Cleophas Beaudry > Joseph Jean-Baptiste Beaudry > Grandparent First and Surname > Parent Surname > My Name:
If you have questions simply email me or call me.  See the "CONTACT" section in the menu at the top of the page.
The Family Tree database loads independently from the website for technical reasons. (That means it's hard enough just to figure out how to change channels on my remote, let alone write the code that makes all this work). If, while you are visiting the database, you want to get back to the main website, just click on the "Home Page" link at the top of the database page and you will magically transported back to to the main website introduction/home page.
I have chosen to require registration (it's free, I'm not a commercial website) due to the number of spammers, scammers and miscellaneous sphincters out there. 

Registration is limited to close family members only
When you register, you will need to include who you are and how you are related in the comments section of the registration form following the directions provided both on the form and under the caption ***"TO REGISTER YOU NEED TO PROVIDE THIS!"***

WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION I WILL NOT REPLYApproval of access is NOT automatic; it may be a day or more before I get back to you simply because of my schedule. Once I know who you are and how you are related, I promise you that I will reply as quickly as possible.

I AM being completely redundant here - Registration is NOT automatic.

You MUST provide a relationship to a person or family that already exists within the database.

Registration requests must be made using the "Registration Form" (follow link below)

Connections to individuals or families born before 1800 will not be accepted.

Being registered allows the user to:

See information about "living" persons in the database.

"Suggest" changes to individuals and families.

"Interactively" add, change or correct individuals and families in the database (after review).

Download a "Plain PDF" fillable form to submit additions, changes or corrections to the database (after review).

BOTH Methods/Forms may be found under the "MORE" tab when registered.

Brief instructions for the "Simple Family Worksheet" (not the interactive form) can be viewed by clicking HELP - (print now if you need it)

By accepting a user registration on this website, you agree to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of this website.  In particular, you agree to cite this website ( as your source for information taken from this website for use in any public site including, but not limited to,, My Heritage, LDS/Family Search, etc.  You also agree that by submitting data about your own family you are giving me your consent to include this information in the database without conditions.  Finally, you agree that you will NOT use any information, photos, or other data for publication for any commercial purpose including sale to others, resale or any other reason designed to produce financial gain.  
Please take your time to explore the database.  It represents years of my own family research involving many of the families of our ancestors - either descended from or related to.

Feel free to poke around the main website as well, you might find something that interests you here as well.

Thanks for taking the time to review this page.  I hope I've answered any questions you might have.  If not, check the FAQ link or just send me an email, or even call me, from the Contact link above.

REMINDER - I don't have ALL the information online.  Notes, stories, photos and images, obituaries and other information is maintained "offline".  Contact me directly for more information as well as help me to grow our family.
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