Lachance and Bussell Family Genealogy

Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada


Also known as St-Vital-de-Lambton


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARGUIN, Joseph Paul  7 May 1905Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I134602
2 AUDET DIT LAPOINTE, Pierre  23 Feb 1857Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I1922
3 BAILLARGEON, Joseph Elzéar  19 Apr 1895Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I133569
4 BAILLARGEON, Mélanie  27 Oct 1864Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I68759
5 BEAUDOIN, Joseph  19 Aug 1860Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I23734
6 BEAUDOIN, Joseph Onésime  27 Mar 1872Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I75674
7 BÉDARD, Amanda  25 Oct 1860Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I138799
8 BÉDARD, François  17 Jun 1855Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I194462
9 BÉDARD, Joseph Hubert  10 Mar 1887Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I104142
10 BÉGIN, Napoleon  4 May 1867Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I1479
11 BÉLANGER, Joseph Élzear  23 Mar 1885Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I25539
12 BERNIER, Adolphe  Abt 8 May 1893Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I108832
13 BILODEAU, Raymond  3 Mar 1933Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I54422
14 BOLDUC, Emilienne  2 Sep 1910Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I99737
15 BOLDUC, Maurice Honoré  6 Jan 1909Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I174997
16 BOUFFARD, Délima  28 Aug 1867Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I145647
17 BOUTIN, Joseph Henri  11 Dec 1898Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I78711
18 CARRIER, Joseph David Arthur  15 Oct 1900Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I86195
19 CARRIER, Joseph Etienne Apollinaire  23 Jul 1891Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I57589
20 CLOUTIER, Emilie  24 Nov 1854Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I67823
21 COUTURE, Jeanne d'Arc  8 Nov 1921Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I104556
22 FECTEAU, Aurélie  22 Feb 1851Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I98055
23 FORTIER, Clara  Abt 1874Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I17679
24 FORTIN, Marie-Ange Diana  4 Feb 1905Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I124330
25 GAGNON, Marie-Regina Evelina  20 Dec 1897Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I79836
26 GIGUÈRE, Arthur Donat  17 Nov 1900Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I17648
27 GIGUÈRE, Joseph Adolphe Henry  10 Sep 1863Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I100993
28 GIGUÈRE, Marie-Anne Melida  8 May 1892Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I115894
29 GODBOUT, Angele  Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I8859
30 GOULET, Marie  16 Nov 1867Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I101142
31 GOULET, Odias  1 Feb 1865Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I50230
32 GRENIER, Marie-Aimée  Abt 21 Sep 1901Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I59723
33 GRENIER, Marie-Anne  15 Nov 1890Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I153198
34 GRENIER, Marie-Emilia Alberta  20 May 1898Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I124304
35 JACQUES, Abraham  30 Dec 1856Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I93975
36 JACQUES, Emma  18 Apr 1866Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I136721
37 LABRECQUE, Joseph Arthur Antonio  29 May 1904Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I79380
38 LABRECQUE, Laurent  4 Jun 1922Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I79369
39 LABRECQUE, Léopold  13 Apr 1919Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I45147
40 LABRECQUE, Louis Napoléon  14 Dec 1878Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I45148
41 LACHANCE, Adèle Ludivine  5 Aug 1856Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6072
42 LACHANCE, Andre  15 May 1854Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6076
43 LACHANCE, Anonyme  7 Mar 1861Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73472
44 LACHANCE, Anonyme  7 Mar 1861Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73473
45 LACHANCE, Athanaïsse  28 May 1864Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6089
46 LACHANCE, Elisabeth  1 Oct 1862Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6074
47 LACHANCE, Emilie  20 Oct 1855Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6218
48 LACHANCE, Joseph  3 Jul 1859Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73471
49 LACHANCE, Joseph Sévère  16 Jun 1859Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I176203
50 LACHANCE, Laurent  4 Nov 1852Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6054

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 JACQUES, Marie-Malvina  14 Nov 1860Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73196
2 MORIN, Joseph Honoré  20 Jun 1885Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I50354
3 TARDIF, Alfred Dominique  15 Mar 1856Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I89169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILLARGEON, Rose Delima  6 Sep 1889Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I132237
2 BEAUDOIN, Marie-Joséphine  22 Feb 1919Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I20269
3 BEAULÉ, Adolphe  11 Aug 1904Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I186082
4 BUREAU, David  5 Aug 1919Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I20268
5 BUREAU, Edmond  23 Nov 1897Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I150137
6 FORTIER, Adlophe  24 Jun 1969Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I24665
7 FORTIER, Clara  Abt 1914Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I17679
8 GODBOUT, Marguerite  14 Sep 1877Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I99750
9 GONTHIER DIT BERNARD, Julie  13 Jul 1895Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I952
10 LABRECQUE, Joseph Octave  2 Apr 1929Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I109059
11 LACHANCE, Anonyme  7 Mar 1861Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73472
12 LACHANCE, Anonyme  7 Mar 1861Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73473
13 LACHANCE, Gervais Laurent  16 Dec 1865Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I444
14 LACHANCE, Gisèle  18 Jul 2013Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I46727
15 LACHANCE, Joseph  28 Sep 1861Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73471
16 LACHANCE, Marie-Marcelline  11 Oct 1924Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I6174
17 LACHANCE, Pierre  29 Apr 1858Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73470
18 LACHANCE, Simone  7 Feb 2002Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I24040
19 PÉPIN DIT LACHANCE, Archange  4 Jul 1868Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I8864
20 PÉPIN DIT LACHANCE, Gervais  5 Dec 1855Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I1666
21 ROY, Marie-Alvine  5 Nov 1875Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I190582
22 RUEL, Sophie  25 Jan 1857Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I110690
23 TARDIF, Wilfrid  27 Oct 2003Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I33538
24 TURGEON, Philomène  16 Nov 1881Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I73364
25 VACHON, Pierre  24 Jan 1903Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada I93963


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEAUDOIN / ROY  12 Jan 1897Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F10717
2 BOISSONNAULT / GARAND  5 Feb 1866Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F28256
3 DUQUET / CARRIER  14 Jul 1863Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F13981
4 FORTIER / RICHARD  14 Jan 1851Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F8111
5 LACHANCE / GODBOUT  23 Jul 1872Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F4007
6 MORIN / LACHANCE  8 Feb 1869Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F2743
7 RICHARD / FORTIER  22 May 1894Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F8112
8 ROY / RICHARD  24 Jun 1854Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F8114
9 THIBODEAU / COUTURE  22 Nov 1892Lambton, (Frontenac), Québec, Canada F6446