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Lewiston Lachance Connections
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Welcome to Lewiston, Maine
(my "adopted" hometown)
My own Lachance family had its United States beginnings in Lewiston, ME.  In the early 1900's, three brothers, Joseph (the oldest), Théophile, (the middle) and Ludger, (the youngest), all sons of Joseph Lachance and Marie-Zoé Beaudoin of St-Évariste-de-Forsyth in Québec, travelled to Lewiston in search of work and perhaps a better life.  Joseph and Théophile remained in Lewiston while Ludger returned to Québec and eventually settled in Stanstead, Québec.

Joseph (the oldest son) who married Malvina d'Aoust in Escanaba, Michigan, was my great-grandfather. Even with so many childhood visits to Lewiston, I didn't find out until the early 2000's that we had more family relatives there.  Joseph and Malvina d'Aoust both died well before I was born and my dad was only 3 when Joseph died and just 10 when his grandmother, Malvina died. My grandfather Tony, however, was in his 30's when his mother died yet, he never made mention of any cousins!  Even my grandmother, Val Desjardins, never spoke of the children of Théophile or Ludger. 

I don't know the reason for this but I'm happy that I found out about them and have had the pleasure of knowing many of them.  The relatives I speak of and finally met, were descendants of Théophile who married Marie Richard.  Ludger went on to marry Félixine Vachon and move back to Canada.  I've not yet met ANY of these relatives although I certainly would like to meet them one day!
In addition to these Lachance cousins, there are many others that I've known since before I knew I was alive!  From the families of Desjardins, Pelletier, Théberge, Dubé, Sutton, Paquet, and Champoux., And there are other cousins scattered in and about Lewiston as well as Brunswick, Biddeford, Portland, Waterville and throughout New England and the U.S.

Many things can be said about Lewiston and a I've heard a lot of negative banter about the city.  While I don’t plan to live in Lewiston, I will always return when I can, negative comments or not, because I do like it.  In my lifetime, Lewiston has carved a special place in my heart.  Every time I visit, it gives me that "warm and fuzzy, I feel like I'm at home" feeling, almost the same as l'Île d'Orléans.  In addition to my own "blood relatives" I've met many wonderful people in and around Lewiston | Auburn and for these reasons and more, it just makes sense to adopt Lewiston as my second "hometown".

So this page is about Lewiston, Maine and our interconnected families. I don't intend to write a history of the town rather, I will present those things that are somehow related to our families and directly impacted my life and those around me.
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Lewiston and Auburn Maine
Lewiston and Auburn Maine

Lewiston, on the Androscoggin River in central western Maine began development in 1850. It grew into the largest industrial city in Maine.

The first French Canadian, Georges Carignan, arrived in 1860.

French Canadians numbered only 720 in 1870 and 1,604 by 1874. But, by 1880, the U. S. census listed 4,550 French Canadians in Lewiston alone.

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St. Peters Cemetery
St. Peters Cemetery

Originally the French Cemetery, established on July 1, 1876 on the Switzerland Road.

The first interment, on July 2nd of that year, was Joseph Gaudios Laroche, 10-month-old son of Joseph Laroche and Celine Ferland.
Cemetery records indicate 172 previous interments, between 1870 and July 1, 1876 in what was then known as
Le Cimietière de la Congrégation Canadienne.

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Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

Saints Peter and Paul Parish, founded in 1870, is the oldest parish for the French-speaking Catholics in the Diocese of Portland.
For the French Canadians who began arriving in Lewiston in the mid-19th century, the Catholic church was, next to the family, the focal point of life.
Under the guidance of the Church, virtually every spiritual, social, recreational, and educational need was taken care of.

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Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society
Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society

Founded in 1980, The Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society (MFGS) is a non-profit society promoting the study of genealogy and genealogical research in the State of Maine, with a special focus on Franco-American genealogy.
I am a member and suggest that if you are in Lewiston, you visit here for excellent Franco-American resources for the State of Maine.

Direct Link to MFGS Website
The Suttons
The Suttons

Meet cousin Adrienne, (cousin to my grandmother) and her son Roger (also my cousin ... gee go figure).

The photo was taken at Marois Restaurant (now closed) on Lisbon St., in Lewiston.

Lucien Sutton, a descendant of George Sutton and Elizabeth Murphy of Newfoundland
married Adrienne Desjardins on 10 NOV 1930 at Sts. Peter & Paul in Lewiston.

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The Dubés
The Dubés

Norm Dubé and his wife Florence (Lachance) Dubé, 1st cousin to my dad. Florence was the only child of Joseph-Hervé Lachance and Rose Bazinet (my great uncle Harvey and Aunt Rose).

They knew me before I was born but only now do I realize the importance of that relationship.
More great pictures and “sssssssh, don’t tell anybody, but there’s a picture of Florence in her ummm...very early years.

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The Theberge
The Theberge

Alex and Anita (Paquet) Theberge
Anita (Paquet) Theberge is the daughter of Maria (aka Marie Josephine Zoé) Lachance and Leon Paquet. Maria was my grandfather's sister.
Anita married Alex Theberge on 10 MAY 1947 at St. John The Baptist Church in Brunswick, ME.
Alex and Anita were two of the most gracious people you might ever meet.
The story here is from a trip taken with my nephew Troy around 1990.

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The Beaule
The Beaule

Gilberte Beaule

Meet Gilberte a cousin on the Desjardins side through marriage to the Desrochers. I think we had never met previously, but I feel now, I have known her all of my life. We visited the Genealogical Center in Auburn, and spent time just talking ... getting to know each other better.

And lest I forget, some really great old photos shown on the page.

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