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photoshop image of Larry posing as the Life of Riley
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do - yes, it's photoshopped! Who knows who Riley was anyway?

Today my birthday suit needs to be ironed regularly!

Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer!

My baby pictures weren’t taken on an iPhone

I’m still breathing and that’s the secret of longevity

So far, my birth certificate hasn’t expired

My supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size

I can now sing along with elevator music

People call me at 9 P.M. and ask, "Did I wake you???? "

I remember when the Dead Sea was just sick

The older I get, the earlier it gets late

I told someone to hang up the phone and they and they said they'd rather leave it on the desk

I get the urge to exercise and then, I lay down until it goes away

When I bend over, I look for something else to do while I'm down there

I can’t remember why I came into the kitchen

I’m thankful I did most of my stupid stuff BEFORE the internet was invented

I groan when I SIT, not just when I stand up

My chest has fallen into my drawers - The Furniture Disease?

What's a chest of drawers?

My Levis don't fit the way they used to

Ladies and gentlemen - raise your sights! Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. From out of the past come the thundering “reflections of my mind” !
The Lone Lachance rides again!

You've been around HOW LONG???

More familiarly, I am ... ...going on 39
... tick-tock tick-tock

BUT - not quite ALL the way!  This section is a "Work In Progress" and not yet completed.  I started to do this in 2009 and never got past the first 10 years of my life!  This is NOT a good thing!   So now that the sunlight of my life is changing to moonlight, I am going to make the effort to get this done before the memories begin to fade (more than they already have).   While other Lachance and Bussell family history pages will take priority as I continue to build,  I am determined to get this part done as well.   It's all just me being full of poop, er uh, nostalgia ...

Nostalgia; it's that thing that sometimes favors your memory and perception over reality.  It is an ideal, yet imagined, past that can overtake the real one.  Looking back on our lives we can find all sorts of emotions like happiness, connection, confidence, and optimism; feelings that many times miss us in the "real world."  Have you ever noticed how in that "fish that got away" story old uncle John (
I didn't really have an uncle John) used to tell, the fish got bigger every time you heard it?  I promise to try not to do that...

It is also proven that "nostalgia" can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.  Technology hasn't gotten to the point where I can do smells and tastes, at least not yet, BUT I will to try to do the sights and sounds thing.
So, here's the deal...this is MY life!!!  This means I get to tell it anyway I choose... is, afterall, MY life!

I have chosen to link those things that are linkable in the story of my life.  ALL of the links to other websites open in a new window that you can close up when you've finished with them and come back here. That is of course if you even click a link at all!  Links are a lot like people - they come and go over time.  If you find one broken, please let me know and I'll fix it. 

The links I've chosen are of places and things that are, in some way, significant to the story.  All of this may sound a bit self-serving and it is highly likely that's because that's actually what it is...self serving I mean!

Writing and rewriting this story, finding the links and reading the material has been fun!  So, the bottom line is, if you're here and you're reading this, there MUST be some interest OR you are incredibly bored and have nothing else to do.   Have a great time..I know I did making this (
and even rewriting it once or twice).
Welcome to My Life Sign
One more thing...I know that talking about people and places may bring up some unknown or unwanted information. Please know that I have no intention of offending anyone with any of my stories or with any of the content of this website.  If, somehow, you find something that offends you, then I apologize.  BUT, there's always that "but", at the risk of being redundant, it IS my life and it's told like it is, not some fantasy, utopian, wonderland on another planet.  And, it is 2020 (also not a utopian world) which means one is expected to be politically correct.  I am NOT!  I've always said what's on my mind, politically correct or not AND I've always tried to use a little humor to ease the burdens of everyday life.  Once again, there is NO intent to offend but - if it happens - such is life.
After all of that, if you wish to continue, follow one of the YEAR links below. If not, use your browsers "back button" or the "Previous Page" button to go backwards. Or just go to the menu and find somewhere else to go. (Far be it from me to tell you where to go!) Enjoy your visit.
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