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The Story of the Post Card
The first American postcard was developed in 1873 by the Morgan Envelope Factory of Springfield, Massachusetts. These first postcards depicted the Interstate Industrial Exposition that took place in Chicago.  Later in 1873, Post Master John Creswell introduced the first pre-stamped "Postal Cards", often called "penny postcards". Postcards were made because people were looking for an easier way to send quick notes. The first postcard to be printed as a souvenir in the United States was created in 1893 to advertise the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
This Gallery consists primarily of "postcards" that I either own or have found online and that have something to do with Oakland, NJ.   A smattering of other images and photos are also included.  A handful of the photos from the gallery are also posted  in "The Oakland Years" section of "My Life".
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