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Alex and Anita (Paquet) Théberge

family eating at Cooks Lobster House, Barbara, Alex, Anita Theberge, Troy, Larry Lachance
Cooks Lobster House - Bailey Island Maine - Sign
Cooks Lobster House
Bailey Island, ME
The picture was taken around 1990 at "Cooks Lobster House", a restaurant sitting on the Casco Bay in the Atlantic Ocean – and was then, an exceptionally good place to eat with a great view.

I have very few photos of Anita and her family even though we always visited when in Maine during my childhood. Anita should have a halo on her head as she was the saintly one ... the one with the enormous heart, the one who always came to the aid of anyone who needed help, and the one who was always there, no matter what!  It was not only a privilege to have known her in my lifetime, it makes me especially happy knowing that we are related.

In this photo, you see...from left to right: Barbara Théberge (Alex and Anita's daughter and my cousin), Alex and Anita (nee Paquet) Théberge, Troy Lachance (Larry's nephew/Paul Lachance's son) and of course, me, Larry. We had a great time feasting on lobster ... Troy had a steak (huh???) … I think we had to pay double because it was "imported" from Iowa. I don't think Alex and Anita had ever seen (or even met) Troy before this night, but they took us both in like we had always been there, just family coming to visit. This was an occasion we will never forget.

One particularly funny memory of this trip... Upon meeting Troy and seeing me for the first time in over 20 years Alex looked at both of us and asked; "What happened to you two?" Troy and I looked at each other in wonder when Alex says; "you're so tall...all you damned Lachances were so SHORT!"  We had a good laugh with that one...I'll never forget it! It makes me think that we really are related to Pépin the Short!

Larry & Troy Lachance, Anita and Alex Theberge
Larry & Troy Lachance - Alex Théberge on right, Anita in front.
After we finished dinner, we rode back to the Théberge home and sat around and talked. Barbara snapped the photo of us together.

During my trip in the summer of 2001, I took no photos. I got lost trying to find their house, ending up at Mere Point (the end of the road) in Brunswick. I met a lady there who was kind enough to allow me to go into her home and use the phone to call for directions. (Cell phones just weren’t around yet!)  I ended up 10 miles out of the way. The lady??... I have no idea who she was, but I do know she was extremely kind, had a beautiful home overlooking the water and the view from her window was like a picture-perfect postcard. When all was said and done, we only had about an hour together at home.

When my grandfather ("Tony") died, it was Anita who came to the rescue, made all the arrangements, took care of all the bills, and basically did everything ... she IS a saint. Without Anita, Tony’s affairs may never have been put in order. 

Alex and Anita had seven children, I really know Barbara better than the others because she too (being very much like her mother) has a gentle heart and has always been good to me. And, I think because we are similar in age, she was always home when we visited.

Anita was the daughter of Leon L. Paquet and Maria Joséphine Zoé Lachance (my grandfather Tony's sister).
Leon L. Paquette is pictured in the center of this photo. He is seated between my uncle Harvey (Hervé) Lachance (1896-1982) and my great grandfather - Joseph Lachance (1856-1927). Where they are...hmmm, I have no idea except that it is somewhere in or near Lewiston. Joseph was a woodsman so would assume they were working.  Leon is Anita's father. Leon was the son of Louis Paquette (1888-1961) and Amanda Lebel (1894-1977).

Alex Theberge married Anita Paquette May 10, 1947 at St John the Baptist Church in Brunswick, Maine. Alex is direct descendant of Louis Théberge and Bastienne (Sébastienne) Prechat ou Pelchat who married February 28, 1715 at St-Martin les Briards, Avranches, Normandie, France.
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In Memory of Alex and Anita
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Pepin the Short (Pépin le Bref), c. 714 – 24 September 768) was the King of the Franks from 751 until his death.
He was the first of the Carolingians to become king. 

He was succeeded by his son Charlemagne or Charles the Great.
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