Lachance and Bussell Family Genealogy

This database is an integral component of, the principal website, devoted to the research of the Lachance and Bussell families, particularly those related to Larry Lachance of Jacksonville, FL. Stories, history, photos, and much more may be found within the primary site. Find out more by clicking on the Home Page link at the top of this page.

In THIS database, you will find the “basics” of my research of the past 30+ years. Note that a large portion of my records at home have not yet been entered into the database and thus, this database is incomplete.

I have elected to withhold, just about, everything except names, dates, and places from my online database. It is likely that I have much more information in my local database at home including, obituaries, photos and physical documents such as BMD records, etc.

If I know birth dates, those persons who are alive are listed as “living”. Some individuals who are living are, in fact, listed herein. Those names came from readily available resources such as news articles or obituaries.

Please enjoy your search and, if you can help grow our family (or even make corrections) please let me know.

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