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The year, 1946, and so begins this website...
THIS...  is the merger of two families!

Lachance & Bussell
From Whence We Came
Welcome to the Lachance & Bussell Families

I am Larry Lachance, your host and, paternally, a direct descendant of Antoine Pépin dit Lachance and Marie Teste of New France (aka Québec) who married in 1659 at Québec.
Maternally, I am a descendant of
Benjamin Bussell and Susannah Hare who married in 1757 at Pitminster, England, descendants of whom arrived at the Port of New York on the Ship "Brig John" on Oct. 6, 1820.

The search for ancestors as well as researching their lives certainly offers up some insight as to how I became who I am.  It is my hope that anybody who visits these pages will find them useful and, perhaps, enlightening. 

Moreover, I'm really hoping those who come here will help me continue "the search" and offer their knowledge to help build this family.  Finally, I hope the information you find here might cause you think about "from whence you came" and help you think about what the future may hold.
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Ties That Bind
In 2005, The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper appeared on the screen. On Nov 24, 2005, the Madagascar DVD, which includes the animated short written by Michael Lachance, sold 4.4 million units in its first week, making it the week's #1 DVD!
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One evening in late winter of 1945, a transplanted young woman from Washington, DC, Anna Elizabeth BUSSELL, left the apartment she shared with her mother at 297 Lincoln Ave., in Orange, NJ, to go out with a few friends. The destination was a couple of blocks away, a place with adult flavored potable libations. There, she met one Wilfred Joseph Bernard LACHANCE (aka Bill), recently returned to his mother’s apartment in Newark from "the war" (WWII).

The details of that first encounter aren't important (nor are they really known) but needless to say, they hit it off!   With this "la chance" (pun intended) meeting, came a short period of dating, a subsequent engagement and ultimately a marriage on August 18, 1946, at Grace Episcopal Church in East Orange, NJ.

The marriage lasted almost 16 years and the result, as they say, is history, not to mention...two sons; Paul, Larry (me) and, of course, this website.
More about the ancestors and descendants and ancestors of Wilfred (Bill) Lachance and Anna (Ann) Bussell can be found by clicking on the respective surname links in the menu at the top of this page.  If you want to view the results of my research on these two families, at least thus far, head over to "Database" listed on the menu up top.
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Photo of Sandra Lachance


To my neice, Sandra LaChance, I thank you for the inspiration to begin this journey. A simple school assignment (for which I was ill prepared in 1994) prompted Sandra to ask about our family.
Her dad said "call your uncle!"

AND, to all of the ancestors of all of OUR families without whom, we wouldn't be here reading this today.

I want thank my family, (those I know and those I don't know) for their stories, pictures, memories and information all of which help to make this website more meaningful.

COBOURG, ON  - SEP 11,  2017: Ontario Junior Hockey League game between the Cobourg Cougars and the Aurora Tigers. Brayden Lachance #1 of the Cobourg Cougars follows the play during the first period.
(Photo by Tim Bates / OJHL Images)


Some people have goals and others, like Brayden Lachance pictured, strive to protect their goals.
Image used under license with permission.
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My ultimate goal (I suspect this will probably take the rest of my life) is to put together as much as I can find, including permanently digitized images, put it here on the web site or simply make it available to any member of our family that wants the information.

I am doing this in order to allow both present and future generations to know
"from whence they came".
Donations graciously accepted


There's nothing here "for profit", there are no ads, the site is NOT a non-profit's just me, Larry Lachance, your host, who enjoys genealogy and trying to help others find out their own family history.

Has this site helped you?
Have I helped you?

PLEASE consider supporting my efforts, both research and costs to maintain this site by making a donation.

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Database Information Notice


Much of the information found in my database IS documented but be careful because some information is NOT documented.

The facts about any given individual may have been changed or could very well be incorrect.   If you find errors...please, tell me so I can correct them.

If you have personal knowledge of, or documentation about, any of the individuals in this family please help by allowing me to include your information.

Use the "Contact Me" link, or, one of the other means listed in the "About Me" page.

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