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Ok, you found me...
Now tell the rest of the family and help our family grow!
This is the old way of sharing but for many it’s still the easiest or most convenient. Send an email to family and friends - help to grow this tree!  Entering an email address on this form simply alerts the receiver, via email, about this website.
I don't keep the email addresses you use here.
Nothing is stored or used for any ulterior purpose.
This form simply tells family or friends about the site.
You must fill in the empty box with the numbers that are presented to verify before you send. (I'm hoping this will stop the spammers - good luck right!)
If you make a mistake, you can try again.  You can refresh the page to change the verification numbers.
Once you click send, you'll have a choice of going to the website home page or coming back to the form, in case you want to add more names.
This form emails the information seen below to the persons you select. It also sends your personal message (whatever information you would care to fill in).   All messages are sent in a "plain text" format so that those who have email that is NOT HTML compatible will be able to see and/or read your message.  Thanks for sharing our family!
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