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Questions about this website, and the family, come up from time to time. These are my answers to those asked most often.
The questions and answers are NOT "family" specific rather they are general questions I have heard more than once, or twice, or three times for that matter.  Anyway, one of your questions might get answered here.  Click on the question to reveal the answer.  Click the same question again to hide the answer.
Is your information "certified" or "verified"...what are your sources?
Anybody doing genealogy knows that sources aren't necessarily accurate. While I can honestly say a number of my soruces have been personally researched by me, I can also honestly tell you that much of my information has come from internet research as well as from other persons searching for the same family surnames. At the end of the day, if you find something in my pages that is questionable or you KNOW is wrong, won't you take the time to e-mail me and tell me so it can be corrected. I only ask for YOUR source so I can include it. As an aside, I do try to get at least two sources for all, otherwise undocumented, information.
Where did you get all of the Lachance family names?
By far, the Lachance (Pepin dit Lachance) family is the most prominent within these pages. If the information is of a "male" Lachance, especially for the first 5-6 generations, virtually all is directly from the research of Louis Lachance. He has published seven volumes of the descendents of Antoine Pepin dit Lachance and Marie Teste which he has researched. These volumes represent thousands of direct descendents of Andre and his wife. Louis has a list of sources at the beginning of each volume. Unless someone can prove otherwise, I must assume from his years of research that he is correct (even though there are known errors). You may purchase his works through the Pépin dit Lachance family association linked on the introduction page of this website.
For "non Lachance" names on the Lachance side, I have relied upon the resources of PRDH, LDS Family Searches, the many volumes of repertoires and published records and materials I have in my personal library and a handful of actual certificates I have personally ordered, and most definitely, the research of others.
Where does the Bussell family information come from?
On the Bussell side, my search continues. Almost all of the information is based upon my own personal research and includes many birth, death, and marriage certificates as well church records, Orphan Train Society transcripts, Children’s Aid Society transcripts, and actual newspaper articles. Very little of this Bussell side is undocumented in some form or another. Where there is speculation, it is identified as such. I am certain that I have the lineage backwards to 1820. My specific line was definitely Quaker in origin. I have had help from John C. Bussell, of England, who traces his roots back to our common ancestors, John Hare BUSSELL and Mary GRABHAM
I asked questions when I signed the guestbook but I haven't heard from you, why not?
I receive a notification email whenever someone signs the guestbook. I check the guestbook, somewhat regularly, to see if anyone has signed it where I wasn't notified. I do my best to respond to each person who has asked me to contact them but sometimes I get behind. Don't be afraid to "slap" me with a reminder email if you haven't heard from me. Sometimes..."life comes at you fast". I don't like to send e-mail unless I have something to say. So please, go ahead and sign the guestbook. If you have a question you want answered quickly and directly, just send me an e-mail and I will do my best.
You asked me for information but you haven't replied - do you really want my help?
ahhhhh....the disadvantages of doing genealogy on a part-time basis. Please refer to next question for the answer.
Do you really have time to do this?
While I dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to the "research" and the input of information into the "database" and the "upkeep" of the website itself, it is not possible to devote every waking hour to the process, even if I really want to.
Unfortunately I must remain gainfully employed in order to support my "genealogical condition"; I maintain my home, I travel about the state, visit friends and family and, on occasion, (albeit rarely) I even manage to relax. There are times when I am simply unable to reply to my e-mail for two or three days, sometimes longer, because I am not here to do so.
I had no idea the amount of traffic and interest this site would generate and sometimes just providing a single answer can take hours. There are days where I receive 4 or 5 e-mails related to this site and each needs an answer.
Everything said, YES, I DO want your help and YES I am INTERESTED and YES, I will reply to your questions, concerns, feedback, and comments, but please, please, please, bear with me...I am only one person and everything here is accomplished by just me.
So, if I'm ever delayed in replying to your messages, e-mail or questions, please accept my most humble apologies in's just the nature of the beast! You may, however, rely on the fact that I WILL reply! What is it they say? "Patience is a virtue"? I hope you will understand. Just in case, like I've said before, feel free to "slap" me with a reminder email to wake me up.
Will you send me all of the information you have about the Lachances?
In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would have the piles (literally all over my house) of information I have accumulated. If I were to print out JUST the descendent report for Antoine Pepin dit Lachance today (March 11, 2018), it would amount to over 3,000 pages, in 8pt narrow font, without the index of names. While I would love to be able to accommodate everyone with this, I simply cannot afford to do so...from the standpoint of time, paper, toner and wear and tear on my simple little laser printer at home and ... lest we forget ... postage.
For everyone’s benefit, my entire database is posted to the website under Surname Database. (check the menu). It IS complete (concurrent with my search thus far) in names and usually fairly current with the status of my database I keep locally.
If you are related or want to collaborate in research, I am more than happy to help where I am able. Just e-mail me to tell me how I can help and I'll try to answer your questions and get you the information you need.
Why don't you update your surname list more frequently?
The size of my local database has grown exponentially with the number of individuals I have included. Even a "stripped" GEDCOM is now over 30 megabyte in size. This, combined with other “daily life” priorities, prevents me from being able to spend the time required to update more frequently.
For me to manage my time, I only upload the actual database on an infrequent (once every five or six months) basis. Sorry...when I win the lottery so I no longer have to work to earn my keep, I promise I'll do better. Of course, donations are graciously accepted and put to good use, I promise.
Did you design this page yourself; from scratch; How?
In the old days, I created most of this site using plain old HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)...a web building code that I learned by watching, viewing source codes, and trial and error. I continue to learn as web design evolves and have adapted to newer methods of providing the content. The bottom line is that I am solely responsible for the publishing of this site. I still rely on the expertise of others, like Darrin Lythgow who wrote the PHP program (TNG - The Next Generation) that I use to present the database.
The graphics, pictures, buttons and bars are from a variety of sources, some available on the net, others I created myself using Adobe Photoshop or other handy little tools. Some actual photographs were taken by me using whatever I have on hand to shoot the photo, or scanned from originals using my scanner. As of 2018, I am using WYSIWYG Web Builder Software to make the pages.
Will you design a website or page for me?
Ummmmm...perhaps not. As much as I would like to do this for a living, I am currently employed in another field of work. So, no, I'm afraid I am unable to design pages for you.
If you are a family member, (ie: some sort of relative ) and you only want a single page or maybe some ideas, let me know what you're looking for and perhaps I can of course.
Are the "Native American" stories I hear, true?
This is a question that comes up on a regular (relatively frequent) basis. I have not actively pursued the relationship between our family members and the "Native American" population but the stories do persist. I have also not found any evidence (yet) for those people that I have researched or have information on, other than the Lachance’s out in Oregon. I decided it best to try to put my own answer on the site. A page, linked in the “and more” section of the site menu - "Native Americans" is the only real answer I have.
Do you speak French?
The easiest answer is NO. I can read French, I can write some too but when it comes to conversational French, my vocabulary is quite limited and I still find myself translating in my head before I can reply. I will try to reply to French questions with French answers but please bear with me as I'm really not proficient.
Are We Related????
The short answer is - IF you have a french last name and it is rooted in Quebec, most likely we are going to be somehow related! At least my research has proven this to be true so far.

IF it's on the Bussell side, it's really difficult to say. The Bussell name seemingly has many origins and I simply don't know the answer. It's possible but to make that determination could take a lifetime.
How do I link to the Web site?
I appreciate all the help I can get. Linking to this site is great for all concerned.
Feel free to link any way you like. If you want to use the logo at the top left of
the page, simply right click on it and save the image to your PC, then embed it in you site
and create the link. Thank for your support!
What if I still have questions?
If there are any other questions you would like answered, please e-mail me using the contact me page, or the comments link, either one. I’ll do my best to answer questions from everyone.
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