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Lachance Connection to the Dube Family
Florence & Norm Dube - March 2002

Meet Florence and Norm Dubé

I'll begin with the name "Dubé" -

First, my cousins don't spell the name with the accent; this was far to un-American in the 1920's and 30's.  Second, they don't pronounce the name in the French manner, rather they pronounce the name as "Doo-bee" like the Doobie Brothers band.

This was simply the best thing to do in times when French Canadians were "second-class citizens" and subject to some pretty harsh discrimination primarily because they were Catholic!  Norm, who was born in 1925 experienced, first-hand, the reality of discrimination as a boy when his family adopted the "American Way" of pronouncing the name while growing up Lisbon, Maine. (
More on the KKK below)

Florence (Lachance) and Norman Dubé (with the accent) are cousins. My great uncle "Harvey", brother to my grandfather Antoine Lachance is Florence's father.  Florence are Norm who were married more than 60 years (quite an accomplishment in today's world) knew me before I was born.  We didn't stay in touch through much of my life but we finally did begin to communicate. Occasionally we would even visit.  I visited Florence and Norm at their home in Topsham on my way to Québec and I've visited with them in Zephyr Hills, FL when they used to summer there. Visits were usually short but they were always good and, I might add, educational.  On this page you will find a little more about this part of the family. It all started when my great Uncle Harvey (brother of my grandfather) met Aunt Rose. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Joseph-Hervé Lachance marries Rose Anna Matilda Bazinet July 11, 1921 (St. Peter and St. Paul), Lewiston, ME. 
Herve Lachance and Rose Bazinet Wedding
Lachance Bazinet - Just Married
Joseph-Hervé Lachance
Rose Anna Matilda Bazinet
July 11, 1921 (St. Peter and St. Paul)
Lewiston, ME
Joseph Hervé Lachance
February 03, 1896 - June 09, 1982
Rose Anna Matilda Bazinet
September 12, 1897 - February 01, 1984
Lachance Dube Headstone - Front

Lachance Dube Headstone - Back


The first State Convention of the Klan was held in the forest outside Waterville later in 1923, and attracted 15,000. Burning crosses were in abundance. Daylight parades by hooded Klansman did take place in Portland, Sanford, Gardiner, Brewer, Milo, Dexter, East Hodgdon, Kittery and Brownville Junction among other places.
In 1924, French-Canadians turned back a Klan march in Greenville, fought the Klan with rocks and clubs in Fairfield (before tearing down a burning cross).  When the Saco chapter of the KKK organized a Labor Day march in 1924, it was prevented from entering Biddeford by members of the city’s police force and fire department.  They stood their ground and defended the bridge from Saco entering Biddeford.
There was some resistance. In Lewiston, for example, the KKK was denied use of the city hall for their meetings. But that didn’t stop them from detonating a bomb in Lewiston in 1924!  But just across the Androscoggin River in Auburn, the Klan met at city hall, to audiences that included members of the police force, and which included sermons by local protestant clergy.  Differences between the two adjacent communities could not be starker.
Needless to say, the Dubé family was impacted as were so many other French Canadian immigrants, my own Lachance family included.  By the end of WWII, my own father refused to speak French (his native language).
Hood of a Klansman

KKK Field Day, Portland, ME 1926
Ku Klux Klan field day, Portland, 1926

Pedigree Chart - Florence Lachance

Florence Lachance marries Norm Dube

Marie Florence Lachance marries Henry Norman Dubé
14 JUL 1945
(St. John the Baptist), Brunswick, (Cumberland), ME
Pedigree Chart - Norm Dube

Only two generations are shown for both Florence and Norm.  Please refer to the database on this site for more detail on the individuals. Norm is "i30", Florence is "i29" in the database.

Florence and Norm had retired quite some time ago.  During their retirement they remained active in clubs, camping and other activities. They loved square dancing and, Florence in particular, had an affinity for "Jack Russell" Terriers...they once had three of them.  Nickie (I really wanted to call her "Little Nikita") used to accompany them wherever they went. She was a great dog and a good companion, but like most pets... I suspect she may have been a bit spoiled.
If you are interested in learning more about "Jack Russell" Terriers, click on the image of "Nickie" and visit The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA). It's the largest Jack Russell Terrier club and registry in the world. This link will open in a new window.

If you don't want to do that, you could always watch reruns of Frasier.

Nickie - The Jack Russell Terrier

Norm was one of two children born to Henry O. Dube and Marie-Yvonne Paquet who married on 16, JUL 1923 at (St. Ann), Lisbon, (Androscoggin), ME.  Henry had only been in Lisbon less than 2 years when he married Yvonne.

Florence was an "only child" the daughter of Harvey Lachance and Rose Bazinet.  She grew up in Lewiston alongside of the Lachance family we share.  Harvey and my grandfather, it seems, were pretty close.  I remember visiting many times. 
Page 348 and 349 from the Lewiston City Directory of 1923 locating the Bazinet families are pictured here.
Lewiston City Directory, 1923 - Bazinet, Page 348

Lewiston City Directory, 1923 - Bazinet, Page 349
Cousins together in Maine
And... here's a photo of cousin Florence with my dad (Bill Lachance).... Florence always called my dad "Billy", as she did when they were kids together.  As children, they were frequently together.

I was always confused when she referred to him by this name and would always question ("who's Billy?") in my mind.  It was usually just a split second before I would associate Billy with my Dad. While I called him dad, everyone else was calling him Bill so "Billy" simply would not register. Then again, I don't feel too guilty about his because Florence did the same thing in reverse.  hmmmm... is this hereditary??

Florence and Bill Lachance - Maine 1937
Florence and Bill Lachance
Somewhere in Maine
About 1933 - click to enlarge
Chesterfield Ring - by Harvey Lachance
This one was made with Chesterfield cigarette packs. It's in great condition, like the day it was made with no traces of wear.

I keep this sealed up in hopes that it will be preserved for someone who might want it someday.
I have very few memories of my Uncle Harvey and Aunt Rose but I do have a couple that are very distinct.

For those of you inclined to psychology, don't read into it, ...I don't want to know!

The two things that stick out are... Uncle Harvey used to brew beer in the bathtub. (
Whether or not he actually did this I don't have a clue...but I remember either hearing it or seeing it at some point in my early life).

The other thing is that my Uncle Harvey must have had an artistic talent of sorts. Back in the day when smokers outnumbered non-smokers, ashtrays were a common site, (
does anybody even remember ashtrays?) Uncle Harvey would make decorative holders or "coasters" for standard round ashtrays common back then.  He did this with empty cigarette packs.

When I was a kid, he gave me one. I don't know if I asked for it or if I was fascinated with them, or if I watched him make one...but he gave it to me. I still have this ... er, uh...thing, whatever it is and it still holds an from The Steer House restaurant (
another story somewhere on this site because relatives worked there).

I received a second "ashtray holder" ... having survived the years much better than the one I had, from my cousin Florence. I keep this one sealed in a zip-loc to try to preserve it.
Pall Mall Ring - by Harvey Lachance
This one, made with Pall Mall packs, is "on display", as it has been for as long as I can remember. Somehow, one has to make this thing one continuous ring. I never did, nor do I now, understand how to make that last connection so it doesn't come apart. This one has started to break, most likely at the connection. It would be true that... sometimes serects are carried with us.
Callahan Block Fire, Lewiston, ME
Friday, December 24th, 1909
It was Christmas Eve, the families of Lewiston were probably gathered in their homes or with friends and relatives attending mass or otherwise getting ready for Christmas. Some of those family members were working that night, protecting the city. One of those people was Philip Bazinet, Florence’s grandfather. 

As a Captain at the Lewiston Fire Department, grandfather Philippe was called to duty. It was a fire on Lisbon Street.

Those who dedicate themselves to the preservation of human life experience dangers continually and with the constant and ever present danger inherent to working in a burning building, every firefighter knows something could go wrong.

It was to be true on this Christmas Eve in Lewiston as history was made, Philippe Bazinet lost his life... and a family was torn apart. Philippe was the first Lewiston to lose his life in the line of duty.
Final Alarm - Fallen Firefighter Medal
While I'm not a religious person, I do believe this is true!
"Greater love has no man than this,
that he lay his life down for another.
John 15:13.
Visit the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland by clicking HERE or on the medal.
Visit the Lewiston, Maine IAFF page and the Lewiston Memorial by clicking HERE.
From the publication "Historic Lewiston - Its Fire Department" published in Lewiston. ME in 1989.

Philip Bazinet "was born in Tabaskaville", (this was an error and is, in fact Arthabaska - Lotbinière County ... as we know Philippe was born in Victoriaville).  He became a watchman at the Hill Mill in Lewiston. He joined the fire department in 1900 and had been a captain of the Hose Company #4 on Lincoln Street for two years when he died.  He was just 42.
On December 24, 1909 he was killed when a wall collapsed at the Callahan Block fire at 274 Lisbon Street. He was a brother of Napoleon Bazinet, a member of the fire Commission.

"1909 December 24. Two firemen were killed in line of duty fighting the fire at Callahan block on Lisbon Street. This was the first time a firefighter was lost."--p.44.
Lachance Family Outing - New Meadows River
Here I offer "Proof Positive" that Florence and Norm really did know me when I was just a brat.

The photo was taken along the New Meadows river at the camp Florence and Norm once owned (
they sold the camp many years ago). This picture was taken sometime around 1959-1960. The New Meadows River is a 12-mile-long tidal river in Maine, flowing into the northern end of Casco Bay. It serves as the boundary between Cumberland and Sagadahoc counties for its entire length.
Norm is NOT in the photo because he was busy taking the picture.

Two Lachance brothers on the left... Tony in the lower left corner (white shirt) and Harvey to his left (plaid shirt).
Tony's son (my father) Bill, (my mother Ann, me (Larry - the little person trying to wave), and Florence smiling in the back.

The others are Aunt Rose (Bazinet) Lachance and sisters Clara and Maria Lachance.
Prize Winning Photos
Lewiston, ME
Florence Lachance - early photo
Florence Lachance is born....a really cute baby with a somewhat unusual hair style. She did change it later in life.
Prize Winning Photos
Lewiston, ME
Norm Dube - early photo
Norm as a child - if you look close enough, he never really changed... except the teddy bear maybe.
Norm passed away on August 24, 2007, just two months after I had a chance to visit with them again.  Following is his OBITUARY from Stetson's Funeral Home in Brunswick, ME.
Topsham - H. Norman Dube age 82 of Loon Drive died Friday August 24th at the Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick.

He was born in Lisbon Center, February 17, 1925 the son of Henry Ovide and Marie Yvonne Paquet Dube. He attended Lisbon and Lewiston Schools.

During WWII Mr. Dube served in the Navy. After the war Mr. Dube worked at the Brunswick Post Office for five years and then worked in civil service as a budget officer at the Brunswick Naval Air Station retiring in 1980.

For 22 years Mr. and Mrs. Dube have wintered in Zephyrhills, FL.

Mr. Dube was a member of St. John's the Baptist Church, Square Dancers of Zephyrhills, FL., Pine Tree Acres Camping Club and Holiday Ramblers Travel Trailer Club both in Maine. He was also a member of American Legion Topsham Post 202.

Surviving is his wife Florence (Lachance) Dube of Topsham.

Visiting hours will be held 6-8 PM Tuesday at Stetson's Funeral Home 12 Federal St. Brunswick. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated 11:30 AM Wednesday at St. John's the Baptist Church Pleasant St. Brunswick with the Rev. Edward Sheehan officiating. Committal prayers with military honors will follow at St. Peter's & Paul Cemetery in Lewiston. Memorial condolences may be expressed at
As an aside, Florence, and Norm by way of marriage, were cousins to my father and in the early years, Florence was the sister my father never had.  Both of them have been a part of my life for as long as I've been alive and I am both fortunate and proud to have had the chance to be a part of their lives as well.  Florence would do anything for anybody and Norm was just one of those people you couldn't help but admire and respect.  He set standards others could only aspire to achieve.

Norm's passing left Florence with much to handle; home, yard, household chores, etc.  I believe it is important to point out that, once again, the Theberge family comes to the rescue!  They too are cousins of Florence and Norm, and in the spirit of Anita (the matriarch of the family), the Theberge  family jumped right in to help keep things running for Florence and make sure all of the details were handled.  In spite of distance and limited communications, I am proud to be associated with both of these families as they represent all that is right and all that is good about this world!
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