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This is me, Larry, your host and if you call me Lawrence I'll pretend I don't know you! I suppose you might refer to this as the official, new and improved, every so slightly censored,  and essentially sterile version of my life up until now.  This is where you find out everything (almost) you never wanted to know and probably had no intention of asking!
This is probably the longest, most self-indulgent "about me" page anybody has ever written or seen.  Fair warning!
I'm going to call this page ...
FIRST - Let's be clear... What, exactly, is "Unagi"?  As defined by Dr. Ross Geller, Unagi is...
Now that you know, feel free to read on and find "unagi" for yourself!
Today, way too much information is available about anybody if one knows where to look! I’ve decided to just let you know everything up front...this way, you don't have to go about looking!

My given name is Lawrence...I go by Larry.  I will answer to just about anything you’d like to call me except “late to dinner!”  I’m just a guy (you'll excuse my political incorrectness for the word "guy") who has been living in Jacksonville, Florida since 1992.  I remain single, although life today has never been better and … I am happy to be, shall we say, “involved”.

The last time I wrote this page, my hair was light brownish with a bit of gray…today it’s grayer and there's less of I mean.  The eyes are hazel and I'm hanging right around 195 lbs, depending on the weather!  I've been genetically gifted with that "genuine Lachance belly." I haven’t shrunk yet as I remain just under 6 feet in height.

I still love travel whenever I can, visiting Maine, and other places.  I saw a license plate from Ontario and it told me it was "Yours To Discover”. So I did and I can tell you I really like Toronto...a bit on the nippily side in the winter but still a great place. 

I also enjoy being home, working on this web page, and of course, genealogy. You will most often find me glued to my computer working on these pages, or searching for more family and thoroughly enjoying it. I also enjoy playing in the dirt (garden) and cooking. I wouldn’t want to be a Chef, that’s way too much stress, but most seem to enjoy my cooking.  There have been a few to suggest I open a restaurant - HAHA! ...or in today's terms LOL!
The Dude
The Myth
The Legend (NOT!)
That Lachance Guy!
(one of them anyway)
Unagi - by Dr. Ross Geller
Unagi - by Dr. Ross Geller
Monday, February 26, 2018

Unagi is a state of total awareness” and “only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you!

And that Dr. Geller has so graciously prepared you for the dangers of "what lies beneath, " please feel free to dive right in!

Lawrence Joseph Lachance
I've been called many things in my lifetime and some people are still coming up with new names for me.

The reality of it is - I was named after my "step-grandfather" Lawrence Joseph McKenna, husband of my grandmother, Valdora DesJardins.

My "Lachance blood" grandfather was Antoine Lachance son of Joseph Lachance and Malvina d'Aoust.

St. Jospeph Hospital, Paterson, NJ
September 2nd, 1953
St. Joseph's General Hospital
703 Main Street
Paterson, NJ
Yes, I am a Virgo, sign of the virgin (seriously??) and one more comment...I've been accused of actually being a "stereotypical" Virgo - ouch, that hurts.  (see Birth Sign)

A personalized (for me) Virgo Report, should you have an uncontrollable urge, can be found by clicking below.
Virgo Birth Sign

Strengths:   Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical.
Weaknesses:  Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play.
Virgo likes:  Being social, animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness.
Virgo dislikes: Rudeness, asking for help, being unprepared, taking center stage.

ENFJ Personality Type
I took an online test just to see what it said. My results were "true to form"; it said...

"These people are easy speakers. They tend to idealize their friends. They make good parents, but have a tendency to allow themselves to be used. They make good therapists, teachers, executives, and salespeople.

Want to find your type? below - it's marketing, but fun.
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Really, the  button is  just for looks, I wasn't kidding.   I AM a Virgo after all and I have to have balance and symmetry!  Alrighty then - close this up and get back to it.
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TRAITS OF THE VIRGO (Male or Female)

All around nice guy, sometimes reserved, many times social, people born under the sign of Virgo tend to be neat and exacting, but many times petty and overly critical. (smirk) All around kind hearted but may not come off that way. They are your best friend with unquestionable loyalty.
They take a lot of pride in who they are and what they’ve worked hard for and gravitate towards people with brains!  They are also reliable, practical (to a fault) and diligent.  They are hard on themselves making them overly sensitive to criticism and at times, defensive.  They have no problem stating their opinions.

They tend to pamper their mate but can ignore them when they become too demanding or controlling.  They are also, secretly, very insecure and tend to hold their feelings inside.  They analyze others very well and are professional at reading people’s true intentions. (they love details) but can be quite vain themselves.  They tend towards being perfectionists.

They can seem demanding and critical and can kill you with sarcasm but they are also straight up honest.

The great strength of the Virgo-born is in their attention to detail and their desire to be of service. Their commitment to helping others makes them one of the most giving characters of the Zodiac.
Flag of Québec

A Mutt Perhaps?

American (born in New Jersey right!)
Quebeçois (50%) and the rest...English, Austrian, Native American, German, and who knows what else.
Where I've Lived etc.
New Jersey, Virginia, Okinawa, North Dakota, Texas and Florida. I play the lottery every week (obviously haven't won yet), I 've had two dobermans in the past 20 years, and I am still working (don't know how much longer)  ...and for the most part, people think I'm an "OK" sorta guy with a few quirks!
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11819 Lobrano Court
Jacksonville, FL USA 32223
Cell Phone - (904) 588-8361

"Whatever happened to telephone books ..."

Want to know what it's like in Jacksonville?

Visit the Official Home Page of the City by clicking on "Jacksonville" in the address above.
Performance Security - Jacksonville, FL

Electronic Security Provider

Performance Security, Inc.

Click on the logo to visit the Performance Security website.  Having left Honeywell in 1997, I returned in April of 2002. Honeywell sold the division in 2004 and we became HSM. Being sold again in December 2006 to Stanley, it was time to think about my future. It is the Security industry that I know best, and do the best why not make it on my own? Along with Bill Downing, we are Performance Security.
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Oakland Public Library, Oakland, NJ

1959 - 1960

Kindergarten - Where it began in 1959.  I attended kindergarten in Oakland New Jersey in a building that is, today, the Oakland Public Library. 

My teacher you ask?  Why it was Mrs. Fieldhouse - (my grandfather called her Mrs. Fieldmouse for reasons unknown to me to this day.)
Oakland Elementary School

1960 - 1963

Located at 71 Oak St., in Oakland, NJ, I attended grades 1 - 4 here.  Today it is known as Valley Middle School.

1st Grade, Mrs. Setterfield; 2nd Grade, Mrs. White; 3rd Grade, Mrs. Lilly; 4th Grade, Mrs. Genovese.
(nobody had first names then.)
Robert E. Leee Elementary School
Robert E. Lee

1963 - 1964

In Arlington, VA, 5th grade was it, as we moved as soon as the year was over.  Mrs. Miller was my teacher and I was on the Safety Patrol.

On Friday, Nov. 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  This is a memory that will be forever etched in my mind, impossible to forget.
Nottingham Elementary School - 1996

1964 - 1965

Also in Arlington, VA, 6th grade was it.  Off to "Junior High School" next.

Here I had a teacher that I honestly learned a lot from.  She was one of just a handful of teachers in my school years that I was tremendously fond of.

Her name:  Mrs. Parsons
Williamsburg Junior High School, Arlington, VA
Williamsburg Jr. High

1965 - 1968

School here was good. Many happy memories, many great people, other students and faculty alike.  John Glen (the astronaut) lived across the street. 

Memorable Staff?
Jean Marcotte, Alphonsus McCafferty, Walter Taylor, Jule Clark, Karen Kraus, Leroy Murphy, and Joseph Guter
Oakton High School, Vienna, VA
Oakton High School

1968 - 1971

In Vienna, VA, at 2900 Sutton Rd., I was a member of the first, full four year graduating class as the school was new in 1967. Our school colors, burgundy and gold!

Memorable Staff?
Fred Reger, Gaylord Wargo, Don Cox, George Komar, Edith Bennett, and one janitor, Mr. G. Jackson.
Northern Virginia Community College - Annandale, VA


Following the Air Force, I went back to school at the Annandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College.  I managed to graduate in 1978 with a 3.5 GPA. 

This would be the end of the road for any "formal" schooling. Despite the trend today for 4-year degrees, I'm content with my Associates Degree in Fire Science.
Also known as, I’ve done far too many things already! This is NOT a resumé and at this stage of my life I have no reason to make one.  Can you say “Medicare?” Needless to say, in this many years, one truly CAN have done a lot of different things...I am NO exception!  Shall we begin? Let’s start with the early years of which there are not many.
Shell, Peoples Drug, Bedford Village
1968 - This year I would take on my first REAL job!  Yes, it was “just a job” as I had no preconceived notions of making a career out of pumping gas.  The place, Yorktown Shell, conveniently located on Gallows Rd at Rt. 50 (Arlington Boulevard) in Falls Church, VA. This was a "Full Service Gas Station!”   Huh, what’s that?  It means I actually pumped someone else's gas and also checked the oil and even cleaned the windshield.  Sounds a bit dated doesn’t it?  That’s because I’m also “dated”!  I earned a whopping $1.00 per hour. (The owner didn't have to pay minimum wage because I was still in school and was employed on a “student work permit”).

1969 - Peoples Drug Store, in the same shopping center, Yorktown Plaza, came next.  I started as a dishwasher and worked the Lunch Counter with a hefty increase in pay to $1.25 per hour. (Don’t kid yourself, this was significant improvement! I was making more money…a whole $5 a week!) This was enough to help with my newly developing adult vices.

1970-1971 - Let's see, (this time of my life is a bit on the blurry side) I am certain I did a few things aside from getting into trouble...I was a volunteer firefighter, at Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire Department (Company 13) at Tyson's Corner, VA. until I enlisted in the Air Force;  I worked on the "custodial" staff at Bedford Village apartments on Gallows Rd, where I lived with my mother, and there was a short stint at Marriott In-Flight Services delivering food to the departing aircraft at Dulles International Airport. I worked at Woodward and Lothrop at Tyson's Corner in Men's Budget (lower level) through Distributive Education in High School.
Strange the things one remembers!

Somehow, I have to believe, I must have done some other things, besides washing windows, but they just didn't have enough impact on my life to remember them...whatever they might have been.
DLVFD, Marriott InFlite, Woodward & Lothrop (Tysons Corner)
Hell Fighter - Lachance Patch
October 29, 1971 - September 10, 1975 - I was in the United States Air Force, Aiming High!  My Primary Specialty Title was “Fire Protection Specialist” aka Crash Crew.

Attended Basic Training - Lackland AFB, TX; Fire Training School - Chanute AFB, Rantoul, IL; First Duty Assignment - Kadena AB, Okinawa (now a part of Japan) (Jan 1972 - Sep 1973), and Last Duty Assignment, Grand Forks AFB, ND. 321st Civil Engineering Squadron, Strategic Air Command.  There were no other assignments in between. And oh, by the way...North Dakota has some of THE most unpleasant weather I’ve ever experienced in my life.

After Military
Serving in the military seems to have “done me good”. I grew up a bit...well, maybe a little more than a bit! Once I was out, I once again embarked on a trail of not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. The next five years flew by with multiple jobs yet still no career.

1975-1976 - Crash Crew - Dulles International Airport
1976 - 1977 - Fire Fighter/EMT - Prince William County, VA
1978 - Fire Marshal - City of Manassas, VA
1979-1982 - A number of jobs, including, Stouffer's Hotel in Crystal City - Director of Safety and Security; Hyatt Regency Hotel, Safety Consulting; Kwik-Kill Exterminating Co., Sales Consultant; a shoe store at Tysons Corner Mall (no idea why).  Once again, I was lost and certainly not wise enough to know what I was doing.
Future sign with ticking clock
1982 - Now
I've been involved in security and safety in one way or another.  20 years combined with Honeywell and the subsequent buyers, a couple of off the wall ventures and the rest with Performance Security.  As I've heard from my parents and my grandparents before them, it appears that time does seem to go faster as we age and here I am looking towards the future and retirement?  Perhaps I'll find something to do, ya think?

For now, I'm very much looking forward to the future!  While my varied interests will certainly keep me busy, I am also certain that genealogy and growing this family tree will be on top of my mind.  If you can help, please do!
All of the foods I can't live without
Taylor Ham
Bún thịt nướng
Cap'n Crunch
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StarCraft - Remastered Logo
Collection of books, bottles, CD's and just stuff
RCA His Masters Voice Image
Pot on the stove with food cooking
Larry Lachance meets Marilyn Monroe
Garden - At My Front Door
Apple McIntosh Desktop Computer 1984
Music is one of my favorite things and I love ALL kinds from Bach and Benny Goodman to ZZTop and Frank Zappa and everything in between.  I like it all, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, I don't care as long as it sounds good.  Music is just GOOD for the soul.  Because I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, these four songs top my list of favorites.
Could I Have
This Dance
Anne Murray - The Best So Far - Album Cover
Click  ▶ Below To Listen
I Do
Linda Ronstadt - For Sentimental Reasons - Album Cover
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All Of
John Legend - All of Me - Cover
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Over The Rainbow
Israel Kmakawiwo'ole - Facing Future - Cover
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Wizard of Oz Lion - Burt Lahr
Others before you have made it this far and "they have no more courage" or "total awareness" than you have BUT, they have one thing that you haven’t got, a medal.  Therefore, for meritorious conduct, extraordinary valor, conspicuous bravery against" the perils of this website, and the mastery of UNAGI, "I award you the triple cross!" 
You are now a member of the legion of courage!

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