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Cloth Room - Bates Mfg Co - Adrienne Sutton
Photo of the Cloth Room of the Hill Division - Bates Manufacturing Company, Lewiston, Maine
Adrienne & Roger Sutton - Logo
Adrienne Eva Desjardins - (1904-2002)
Lucien Adrien Sutton - (1902-1973)
10 NOV 1930 
Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral
Lewiston, Maine
Lucien and Adrienne along with sons Roger, Bert, Bob, and Ray are cousins on my grandmother's side.

The first call I always make when visiting Lewiston is to cousin Roger. Whatever time we've spent together, be it Roger or the whole gang, has always been memorable with moments that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

This photo was taken while Adrienne worked in the Cloth Room at the Hill Division of the Bates Manufacturing Company as an inspector. Adrienne worked at the mill for 42 years. (by any standard, that's one hell of a long time to work!)

The Suttons also knew me before I was born. Both Roger and his mom signed my baby book AND, perhaps better for me, brought me a gift!  Too bad I have no idea what it was!  I also attended Bob Sutton's wedding in 1957!
Sutton Marries Desjardins - Lachance involved
Adrienne (Desjardins) Sutton had known me forever. Through my grandmother I was always kept posted about family events and people. But, ME, being the epitome of the fine art of procrastination, I rarely went to Maine. Today, my life is different as I have realized that it is both short and bittersweet. Now I am actually making an effort to stay in touch with everybody. I am just thankful that Adrienne and Roger never gave up on me and today we remain forever family!
In Loving Memory
Adrienne Eva Desjardins Sutton - 1904-2002
Below is a chart showing how we, your host Larry Lachance and family, and Roger, his mother Adrienne Sutton and brothers, are connected. You may find out more about the line by visiting the database link on this site. My grandmother, Valdora Desjardins and Adrienne Desjardins were 1st cousins, sharing the same grandparents. It was actually these "grandparents", Etienne and Celanire, who raised Val, (my grandmother) as a child.
Wedding photos are in the background.
(Left) Valdora Desjardins m. Antoine Lachance November 12, 1923
(Right) Adrienne Desjardins m. Lucien Sutton November 10, 1930.
How the Sutton family connects to the Lachance family
So there you have the whys and wherefores of how Lachance gets to be involved with Suttons and Desjardins.  Of course I consider myself to be quite fortunate that I actually AM related to these two great families.   Both have been involved in and impacted the city of Lewiston for over one hundred years... yet another thing to be proud of.
Down below I've added a mess of photos of various members of both families.  You'll notice they are watermarked.  The reasons for this are many but mostly, I'm kinda tired of people just taking the photos and using them in other places when instead they could, if they were nice enough, (you know who you are) help me to add to this ever-growing family.  IF you want a photo, just ask, I'm happy to donate to the cause and, I really don't bite.
And finally, I am trying to maintain a few links to other sites about the Sutton Clan (or clans as the case may be... there's one heck of a lot of Suttons out there)! So here's four more places to look if you are seeking Suttons. Bon Chance!
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