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Leaves of Grass
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I've named it "Gallery Lachance" but the photos that are posted are from both the Lachance and the Bussell families.  I am simply not creative enough to get both names into the header and still have it look the way I wanted. 

With that said, the two images shown above are my maternal grandfather, Richard H. Bussell in the gold frame and my paternal great-grandfather, Joseph Lachance in the purple frame (on the right).  The other two individuals with him are Leon Paquette (center) and  Hérve Lachance (left).
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Larry's Life Link Image
MY LIFE IN PICTURES ... This was the very first gallery I ever created. It was given a facelift back in 2008 and this time (currently 2018), it's entirely new (with a few exceptions).

It is, however, purely self-serving and a couple of shots might remind some of the Carly Simon song ... "you're so vain!" but most are just naturally occurring in time!  As you might discover as you look through the gallery (if you look through it at all) there are a few photos that are not flattering by any stretch of the imagination. 

However, here they are! They depict each year of my life through 2019.  The years 1980, 1992, and 1995 are missing.  This is not because I don't have any pictures from that year, rather it's because of my own doing.  I, like so many others, did not write the dates on the pictures I have.  Rather than guess, I just left those years out.

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Pompton Lakes Memories, Railroad Station and Home 1953 -1957
POMPTON LAKES - 1953 - 1957 ... Here are the years that I didn't even know I was alive, 1953 - 1957.  Did you know, recent studies have proven that you're nostalgic for music that was being played by your parents before you were born?

Now that you have something to think about, the photos here are a collection; some taken by me, some by my parents, some by others, some are just postcards from Pompton and some other photos or images I've obtained from others. 

Some of these photos appear in the "Pompton Lakes" page of this site while others are just additions. 

My thanks especially to Cherie Banker of the Pompton Lakes Public Library for her help finding some of these photos and to Patti of Johnston and Sons Auto Care, the current occupant of what used to be Selsors Texaco in Pompton Lakes.

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announcing old oakland postcards
OAKLAND - 1957 - 1963 ... With two growing boys, it was time to find a larger home.  While I'm not certain of the facts, I believe my dad used the GI Bill for assistance to buy the house in Oakland.  Cost?  Somewhere around $16,000.

Most of this gallery consists of a collection of postcards from Oakland, NJ. There are some other images and photos (not postcards) but the majority of the "people" photos are on "The Oakland Years" page of this site. 

Many of the images in this gallery are from an era well before my time. Since I consider Oakland to be my "hometown," its history is important.  Moreover, there are connections to the Bussell side of the family.  Before starting my obsession with genealogy, nobody knew the Bussell's married into the Ryerson family back in the mid-1800's. While very distant, Martin Ryerson, mayor of Oakland (1912-1913) is a cousin on the Bussell side.

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lachance life in arlington image
ARLINGTON - 1963 - 1968 ... We've been here before but only to visit from New Jersey.  This was the place near mom's roots and family is still in the area.  This was the place she chose to settle after leaving New Jersey.

This gallery consists of photos and images from Arlington and New Jersey as I would travel back and forth during the entire time we lived here.  Plenty of other photos are included on the "Growing Up In Arlington" page of this site. 

As with other life slices so far, there are photos of people (
friends and relatives alike) as well as places and a handful of postcards either owned by me or found online.  The single largest photo is on the actual Arlington Page (linked above) and that is the Williamsburg Junior High School, Class Photo - 9th Grade Class of 1968.

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