Why Am I Doing This?
Excellent question!  ...AND there are so many questions…just the ones I continue ask myself are enough!  As I type, the year is 2018, the first day of the new Lunar New Year in China...are there relatives there too?

The internet is in its 28th year and this website has been a part of it for 21 of those years.  Maybe this  "Year of the Dog" will bring me some "mans best friend" good luck finding those ancestors which I can NOT

So, what is this really all about?  I’m not on the list of the most influential websites of all time - so it can’t be fame right?  I have come up with but a single answer!
This site is ALL ABOUT US!
"Us" means Lachance & Bussell and a multitude of allied families who somehow found their way into the mix.

This, then, is my personal portal into "our" world of, sometimes, useless information that may have no relevance to you at all.  Then again... what has been found may hold answers to questions you have about your own family roots. This is the place where I can do something I enjoy ... "genealogy" aka "collecting sometimes living and otherwise dead relatives".  I have a page that talks about genealogy and how it has influenced my decisions with my research.  You can read more by clicking on this link - "read more about genealogy".

The Beginning

This site truly started before I was born, when my mom was a “computer” at the Monroe Calculating Company in New Jersey...

The first “real computer” website was posted to the web in 1996 using a DOS bulletin board. 

From humble beginnings with less than 100 individuals in my personal circle of relatives, our family has grown tremendously.  This is because of  the help of so many people, like you, who have found this website and contributed their families.

Today there are well over 170,000 individual names!  And, with YOUR help, I'd like to keep growing our families to help others, like US who just want to know more.

The Present

Most “About Us” pages tell you who “WE” are!  For me, the only “US” is “YOU” because this site is entirely my own endeavor with YOUR help. 

There is no “us” on the job.  Despite the “.org” in the name of the domain, I am not an organization or corporation or even partnership.  I’m just me, doing my thing, trying to get our family history and heritage out to those who care to find out more about “from whence we came”.

And yes, I know…please don’t be too hard on me, the phrase “from whence” is not grammatically correct. But hey, people have been using this phrase incorrectly since, at least, the thirteenth century, and I see no reason to stop now.

What You Might Find

The site is two-fold.
Who knows what  you might find!

First, the main site (where you are reading this).  Here are self-indulgent stories about me and my immediate family as well as some facts and history I’ve uncovered or dug up over the years about places and people that are a part of our heritage.  Most of this “other stuff” is listed under the “MORE” section of the menu.  If you have nothing else to do, check it out, you may just find it interesting. 

The second part is the “family database”.  You can find out more about how I have set up this part by reading the “database introduction” page.

My Mission

Since it’s proper to include a “Mission Statement”, in this case a misnomer, or as I’d rather call it “What’s My GOAL", here ya go! 

Many before me have presented works about "family", including the Lachance family. For their efforts, I am grateful. Throughout these pages, acknowledgements to them are made, where known.

My ultimate goal (I suspect this will probably take the rest of my life to complete, or not) is to put together as much as I can find, including images, and make it available to any member of our family that wants the information.

And Finally - Who Is This Guy

Owner/Operator/Presenter/Designer/Compiler/Amateur Genealogist/...and all around good guy! 

While this website tends to lean towards a bit "self-serving" - it really began with thoughts of my own family and their ancestors.  It was then I realized just how little I really knew about any of them. I’m sure my life would have gone on without ever knowing but something clicked and I made a decision that I just “had to know”! Thanks to my niece Sandra and one of her early school projects, the quest began.

It is NOT my purpose to seek famous ancestors (although some have been found) nor do I hope to find a link to a former President or movie star, (although some of them have been found too). The true purpose, is to share what I find about whom we are and “from whence we came”... all of us who are somehow connected to these two families!  With this knowledge, perhaps we all might know better "…whither we goeth."

For reasons of personal choice (and I suspect genetics), future generations will become "my descendents" and this effort is my way of "carrying on" the family.

Read the “about me” page if you really want to know more.

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