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If you've perused this website, you'll already know... "I ain't no spring chicken".  My working career is behind me as is the financial benefit that came with it.  Things today must be budgeted and those things, once easy to support, are now prioritized to see what can be eliminated to save costs. 
Truth of the matter is...
This site is not here because I MUST do it, rather it is a labor of love and, on occasion, frustration.  Since 1999, I have maintained this site using, primarily, my own funds and I have kept the site ad-free all these years.  I am not a charity or non-profit corporation!  In fact, I'm not a company at all!  This is all me and now, I must depend on the generosity of our community of family that makes use of all these years of research.  By the way, I'm still hard at it...researching and helping others that is.

I truly appreciate any and all donations and I am grateful to you for reaching out to help keep this site up and running while growing our family tree.
As I now live off my savings, I do need to ask others to support my efforts.  If you have benefited from the content and resources here, please consider donating.  No amount - no matter how small - is too small and every little bit helps.  Any amount you'd care to give will help cover hosting and internet costs, software, research fees, and/or memberships in various organizations such as Ancestry or New England Ancestors which all help me to help you!  As of 2023, running costs amount to over $1,200 per year covering the domain, network access, server space, no advertising, secure web page, etc.

If donations are out of the question, there are other ways to help!   Consider, for example, linking to your own website (
if you have one); telling your friends and family who are interested in family history about the site (use the "refer this site" section to make it easy), coming back often to see what's changed, and of course getting involved. If you use photos or information from this site, please link back to it or, at least, cite as the source.
Here's some things you can do to help without donating financially:
  • Add Your Family - by email, phone calls, letter writing, and directly through the database of our families.
  • Submit stories of your family and your ancestors;

    Did they do something unique; did they tell you about their lives, just stories are always good.

  • Provide source documentation - many items are not currently sourced.

    If you have documentation supporting any of our families, won’t you please consider scanning it and sending it to me?

  • Send Photos - It's always good to have photos with names.

    While they are not published with the database, when I send you family reports, the photos and stories are included.

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The "AmazonSmile" customer-directed donation program was permanently shut down on February 20, 2023.  I believe this unfortunate development will take its toll on those small charities that benefited from the program and can only hope Amazon will reconsider its decision.

I'll suggest donations to the Maine Franco-American Genealogical Society (click logo) in Lewiston, ME.  I am a member but I don't personally benefit from this.  Your donations help to avail the society of more resources for genealogical research, especially for Franco-Americans in New England and Québec.  I know your contribution directly to them would be helpful and appreciated.
At the end of the day, it's nice to know there are some out there who find this "stuff" useful or even that I have actually helped someone seeking their roots.  It is always reassuring to receive emails from people to thank me for my work...this is what keeps me going...along with the fact that I do enjoy it. 

With that said, if you’d like to make a donation now, or in the future, to support these efforts and, PayPal makes it fast and easy.

PayPal members can donate directly from their checking accounts or credit cards by “sending contributions” using PayPal interface.  Non-PayPal members can still donate with a credit card and PayPal does NOT require you to sign up for a PayPal account. Many merchants accept payments using PayPal so it's not a bad thing to have an account. 
No matter how you look at it, contributing is easy and it will help keep this site on it's feet and growing.
but for me, they are hugely appreciated!
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