Lachance and Bussell Family Genealogy

St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada


Saint-Hilaire Parish - 1877 erected from Madawaska Parish

From Lovell's gazetteer of British North America ©1881

St. Hilaire, a settlement in Madawaska Co., N.B., on St. John River, 9 miles from Edmunston. It has a Catholic church, 2 saw mills, 2 grist mills, 2 stores and an hotel. Pop. 1000

The parish is named in honor of Hilaire Cyr, who gave land for the construction of the Catholic Church in 1868. The church itself is named in honor of Hilaire de Poitiers.

The first church of Saint-Hilaire, located at the cemetery today, was demolished in the summer of 1926, despite the outcry and protests from neighbors.

Paroisse: St-Hilaire


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBERT, Joseph V.  Abt 1856St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I16197
2 ALBERT, Philomène  St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I125578
3 BOUCHARD, Ernest M.  11 Sep 1916St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I55365
4 BOUCHARD, Marie-Paule Étienette  7 Jul 1924St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I127193
5 CHASSÉ, Salomée  Abt 1831St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I146625
6 CORNEAU, Gertrude  21 Apr 1912St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I67066
7 DAIGLE, Elodie  Abt 1888St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I55009
8 GAGNON, Joseph Etienne Hippolyte  15 Jun 1877St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I135906
9 GAGNON, Marie-Elmina  16 Apr 1878St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I118773
10 HÉBERT, Berenice  Abt 3 Jan 1909St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I59131
11 HÉBERT, Blanche  Abt 12 May 1910St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I54758
12 HÉBERT, Edouard  14 Apr 1912St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I148033
13 HÉBERT, Marie-Stephanie Isabelle  26 Dec 1906St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I49923
14 LACHANCE, Vital  8 Jun 1877St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I16144
15 MICHAUD, Sophie  15 Feb 1854St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I10497
16 MORNEAULT, Anna  26 Nov 1885St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I55367
17 NADEAU, Joseph Damase  21 Mar 1883St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I55008
18 NADEAU, Léona  8 Dec 1907St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I103682
19 NADEAU, Lévite  1 May 1887St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I131683
20 NADEAU, Marie-Estelle  26 Jun 1912St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I145875
21 PELLETIER, Benoit  2 Apr 1924St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109857
22 PELLETIER, Denis Daniel  7 May 1870St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I131191
23 PELLETIER, Hector  18 Aug 1869St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I131140
24 PELLETIER, Joseph Albert Normand  20 Mar 1934St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109853
25 PELLETIER, Joseph Gérard  5 Apr 1925St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I129002
26 PELLETIER, Joseph Guillaume  2 Feb 1910St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109845
27 PELLETIER, Joseph Léo  13 Feb 1908St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I170063
28 PELLETIER, Joseph Romeo  8 May 1923St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109859
29 PELLETIER, Victoire  6 Oct 1875St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I131136
30 PICARD, Marie-Émilda  22 May 1902St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I106084
31 SAUCIER, Gloria  13 Feb 1919St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I92631
32 SAUCIER, Joseph Alfred  13 Feb 1917St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I137442
33 SAUCIER, Joseph François  25 Jan 1914St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I137441
34 SAUCIER, Marie-Lucie Anne  31 Oct 1921St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I137439
35 SOUCY, Jacques Walter  22 Jun 1886St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I128735
36 SOUCY, Joseph Alexis  16 Aug 1878St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I128733
37 SOUCY, Louise  9 Oct 1870St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I128731
38 SOUCY, Marie-Salomée  28 Jan 1884St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I128734
39 SOUCY, Odile  12 Sep 1872St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I128732


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptized    Person ID 
1 HÉBERT, Berenice  3 Jan 1909St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I59131
2 LACHANCE, Vital  10 Jun 1877St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I16144
3 PELLETIER, Benoit  4 Apr 1924St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109857


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHASSÉ, Salomée  15 Jul 1898St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I14396
2 DUBOIS, Méthaïde  15 Oct 1918St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109830
3 PELLETIER, Éloi  12 May 1872St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I131174
4 PELLETIER, Ernest  28 Feb 1944St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I109829
5 PELLETIER, François  25 Sep 1877St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I131184
6 SOUCY, Thomas  4 Dec 1901St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada I14395


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHASSÉ / MARQUIS  17 Jul 1876St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada F47984
2 DUBÉ / ROSSIGNOL  21 Aug 1905St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada F12392
3 NADEAU / DAIGLE  11 Feb 1907St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada F23030
4 OUELLETTE / ALBERT  18 Sep 1871St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada F6609
5 PELLETIER / BEAULIEU  2 May 1892St-Hilaire, (Madawaska), New Brunswick, Canada F17677